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When are your meetings?

Generally, our evening meetings are held from 7:00pm - 9:00pm on the third Tuesday during the months of August, September, October, December, and February - May.   Interest Group (IG) classes are usually held on the 2nd and 4th Friday's of the month, but are subject to change for holiday schedules. On IG days, announcements begin at 8:45am and the last class ends at 3:00pm

Where do you hold your meetings?

Our evening meetings and interest group classes are held at:
Heritage Fellowship
105 N. Tecumseh Road
Springfield, Ohio

Do I have to take all classes to participate in Interest Group?   If I am only taking one or two classes, must I stay for the entire day?

No!   You may pick and choose which classes if any you want your students to take. If you are not involved in classes all day then you may leave after your classes are over.

Must I stay all day with my child, or may I drop them off and pick them up?

You should stay with your child.   That said, we realize that at times you may have an obligation that requires you leave for some time.   We have a sign-in sheet for such an occasion which you may use to assign another responsible parent for your child. At no time should your children be left unattended.

I just joined the group, can I teach a class?

Typically, we require you to be a member for one year before making the commitment to teach a class.

What obligations do I have when I join?

Members who attend I.G. Classes are required to sign up to help clean. You are only required to help clean for one month. (2 classes/year)

What happens if I cannot attend I.G. Meetings sometimes?

While you are not required to attend every Interest Group, it is important that if you sign up for classes that you try to attend. If you cannot attend, call your teachers and explain. Many classes build upon the skills from previous classes. If your student misses out on too many classes, they may not have enough knowledge to continue with the class. Basically, if you sign up for classes - plan on attending!

Do I have to teach?

No, you do not necessarily have to teach a class, but it is encouraged after the first year. CHECC parents are most of our teachers. Without volunteers to teach there will not be classes for the students.

I am busy in the evenings. Do I have to attend the evening meetings?   Why would I want to attend?

Evening meetings are optional, but you will likely enjoy attending. These meetings offer enrichment and fellowship, a way to get to know the other families, and you may learn something new! Evening meetings often give fathers a way to connect that they don't have during other activities!

Is this a charter school/school program?

No, participating in CHECC does not fulfill any legal "requirement".   To prevent truancy, you still must file notification forms and have your child assessed. We are a supplement to YOUR home school - not a replacement for it.

I homeschool through the local Christian school. (or charter school) May I still participate in your group?

As stated in our Bylaws; Member families must be home educating or interested in educating their children at home, or have educated their children at home. Education must be home based & privately funded (by parents or family), parent directed (curriculum chose solely by the parent), having the freedom to teach the children curriculum supporting a Christian world view & personal convictions, & having no other Ohio Regulations governing them outside the Ohio Code for Home Schooling.

I am trying to decide if I want to join your group. May I sit in on some IG classes?

Please contact us with your request. Serious applicants may be allowed to sit in on Interest Group classes before completing the application process.

I have toddlers/preschool kids and no childcare. What can I do with them at I.G. meetings?

Bring them! Younger children are welcome, as long as they are supervised. There is a nursery available for you to take a fussy child. There are many classes that will accept preschool children as well.

May I bring children to evening meetings?

Yes. Most meetings are orientated for the whole family, and childcare is usually offered when appropriate

Can I bring friends along to IG classes or on field trips?

CHECC has a field trip to the Columbus Zoo each year.   This is the only field trip during the year that is open to bringing friends and family. Interest Groups and field trips are organized for the benefit of CHECC members.   Please do not invite guests.

How much does it cost to join CHECC?

CHECC membership is $45/year per FAMILY and is due by the first September Interest Group meetings.

What are my membership dues used for? Are field trips and Interest Group classes covered in the cost?

CHECC membership dues are used for the cost of the Interest Group facilities, insurance, newsletter and other operating expenses for the year. The cost of field trips will vary depending on the group rate available. Interest Group classes may also incur additional fees to cover their expenses for the year, or they may have a specific supply list that will be needed for the class.

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